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dcb Publishing is a very small internet publishing company that I formed so I had a way to copyright my website designs and, in some cases content as well.

The greater majority of my work comes from personal recommendations although I do occassionally take on outside clients if time permits. I have other websites that I run and own which also takes my time. If you would like a quote for work on your website then please contact me using my contact page.

I am involved with both WordPress and HTML websites although the WordPress sites seem to be comming more and more popular. The cost of buiding any item will be dependent on the complexity of the work involved and the medium in which it is t be built.

We can help you to design your own websites or we can design them for you. The same will apply to content for your website. 

About Me

My name is Derek Barrington and I have been on and around the internet since the 1990’s. I have been mainly involved with internet training but decided to break out and do something a little different.